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Ismail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited

Corporate Finance:

Ismail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited (IISPL) is one of the most trusted names in the equity market. The company has in recent years earned a distinguished position in institutional, corporate and retail equity trading through its dedicated team with state of the art skills. The prime motto of the company is to deliver premier client services, offering customized solutions to meet individual client’s requirements.

The IISPL fully concentrates on delivering service that reflects the high standards necessary for client base the equity markets.

Following are our major services areas

  1. Creative strategies
  2. Utilization of advanced technology
  3. Risk management
  4. Secure access to online trading
  5. Convenience in accessing statements & portfolio
  6. Update clients with rapid changes occurring in market
  7. Provide assistance to run online trading system
  8. Floating superior investment ideas steeped with market intelligence
  9. Responding clients’ queries instantly with regard to market behavior

Apart from the above, the IISPL recognizes the fact that owing to the diversity of individual client’s needs, the company prefers to provide customized solution based on our experts’ analysis and experience of prevailing market.

IISPL’s quality sector-driven research product and flexible relationship approach ensure our resources are tailored to match clients' needs and strategies, Our sales team works closely with our research analysts to provide integrated approach superior market Insight and intelligence, sector driven investment decisions and the most up-to-date information to our institutional and individual clients by understanding their need for highly efficient processing, reporting and monitoring of transactions. Our focus continues to achieve best price execution for our clients. IISPL offers superior execution at KSE.


The Research Team at IISPL is comprised of highly competent and seasoned professionals remain constantly vigilant to provide investors with accurate analysis and recommendation on a timely basis. Moreover, the team also actively covers around 36 companies belonging to the afore-mentioned sectors.

Apart from that, the Team constantly monitors all listed companies, regardless of the fact they are actively covered or not ensuring that no feasible investment opportunity is missed.

Currently a dynamic team of five analysts who, apart from the macro-economy, actively oversee following sectors and provide regular reports to the clients:-

  • Banks
  • Cements
  • Construction Steel
  • Flat and Tubular Steel
  • Fertilizers
  • Power Gen. and Distribution
  • Automobile Assemblers
  • Automobile Parts
  • Textiles
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Management and Private Equity:

IISPL is committed for making quality investments with an objective to build value in a variety of areas. Our team of seasoned professionals provides a range of strategized advisory on following matters:-

  • Fundamental analyses
  • value stocks
  • growth stocks
  • income stocks
  • dividend yielding stocks
  • hedging
  • CFS Financing
  • Fixed income
  • Deposit placements
  • Investment in debt instruments

Moreover, Portfolios are actively monitored to ensure sector-wise and script-wise exposures to maintain within limit with the investment policies, guidelines and asset allocations. Macroeconomic indicators and fundamental analysis are carried out for providing prime foundation for heavy exposures. Similarly, active trading portfolios are also constructed so as to benefit from short-term, price fluctuations. Whereas Traders are closely monitored by senior investment professionals.

Future Aspiration:

With the development of BATS (Bond Automatic Trading System) IISPL plans to develop Debt Instrument Trading Desk with Money Market Operations. For its institutional clients, IISPL plans to introduce trading tools in the market that are likely to enhance the trading experience of our corporate clients at large. These include “Program trading Tools” for providing information regarding basket trading, volume weighted average price trades and pairs trading. IISPL expects that the introduction of these tools would change the way institutions currently trade equities and help them in obtaining better executions for their trades.

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