How To Open An Account

Filling the New Account Form

Opening Account with Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt) Ltd. requires you to download the New Account Form.

  • Fill out the Basic Information Sheet (NA-1). In case of Joint Account, you have to supply the Joint Account Holder's details as well.
  • The Form NA-2 requires the Name(s) of the Authorized Person(s) who are entitled to operate the account.
  • For CDC Sub Account Opening, Form NA-3 is to be filled and signed by the client. There are two categories of this form. One is meant for individuals and the other is for Corporations and Firms. The Client is required to fill in the appropriate category and leave the other blank.
  • The last section is for Margin Trading and Margin Financing, NA-4.
  • Finally, there is the Terms and Conditions section, NA-5. Make sure to go through all the General Terms and Conditions, Agreement for Margin Trading and Margin Financing and the CDC Account Terms and Conditions.
  • Make sure to sign each and every Section. The Form without Client's Signature shall NOT be accepted.
  • Attach copy of your Computerized National Identity Card ( CNIC). In case of joint account, please attach copy of the CNIC of Joint Account Holder as well.
  • Account Opening payment is made through "Payee's Account only" Cheque. You will receive a copy of the receipt after payment has been collected.

Account Creation in the Accounting System

  • The Accounts Department at Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt) Ltd. will create a new chart of account for the new client, using the information from the New Account Form.
  • The Name of the Account will be the name of the Individual or Joint Account holder.

Sub Account Creation in the CDC

The Settlements Department at Ismail iqbal Securities (Pvt) Ltd. will create a new CDC Sub Account for the client.

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