Our Sales Team
Ismail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited

Ismail Iqbal Securities Ltd. will not take any responsibility if any trading occurs; other than our dedicated sales representatives. The names of our sales team for trading are given below:

Kats Operator

Muhammad Umair

Sales Team

Azfar bin Ammaan (Head of Sales)

CNIC # 42101-1671567-3

Muhammad Umair

CNIC # 42000-4799207-9

Adnan Hussain

CNIC # 42301-5943581-3

Muhammad Taufique

CNIC # 42201-3915655-1

Irfan Iqbal

CNIC # 42201-9801687-3

Suhail Kashmiri

CNIC # 42201-2181018-3

Fakhar Zaman Khan

CNIC # 42201-8106635-7