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a) Online trading will be permitted through an online trading system of Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt) Ltd. which will act as the Broker for the purpose of buying and selling securities. Including COT at the Stock Exchange (Online Exchange) and wherever the term Vtrade is used in the Special Terms and conditions for online trading. It shall deem to mean the Broker.

b) A password or (personal identification number) PIN will be issued to Account Holder(s) by Vtrade to enable the Account Holder(s) to have an access to and use this Account for online trading. The Password/PIN may be communicated through e-mail or through any courier to the Account Holder(s) at his /her/their/its own risk. The Account Holder(s) shall not disclose the Password/PIN by any other person. THE Account Holder(s) shall immediately change the Password/PIN as soon as it is received from Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

c) Vtrade may electronically transfer delivery of confirmation, statements and other notices in connection with Electronic/Online Trading. It shall be the responsibility of the Account Holder(s) to review, upon receipt of e-mail, conformation statement, notices, margin and maintenance call whether delivered by mail, e-mail or electronic terminal at the discretion of Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt) Ltd. If the Password/PIN is disclosed to any third party the Account Holder(s) should immediately notify the same to Vtrade. The Account Holder(s) will immediately notify of any loss, theft or unauthorized use of his/her/their/its account number and Password/PIN. The Account Holder(s) shall immediately notify and change his/her/their/its e-mail or other address as mentioned in the Application Form.

d) All risk connected and involved with Electronic/Online Trading will be assumed fully by the Account Holder(s). Neither the Vtrade nor any of its directors or officers would be responsible or liable in any manner of any losses or damages that may be suffered by the Account Holder(s) including those due to the misuse of the Account Holder(s) Password/PIN, hacking offline, outages and slowdowns in the internet connection and piracy of Account Holder(s) information and affairs by unscrupulous persons.

e) Vtrade may at its discretion elect with or without notice to square off the Account Holder(s) account and make obligation in the account immediately due and payable by the Account Holder(s) without assigning and reason (see margin disclosure statement annexed hereto).

Internet Base Trading System (IBTS)