Frequently Ask Questions

1. How do I get started at Ismail Iqbal Securities Private Limited?

You can simply contact us through our hotline number 0092-21-3430 2182-4 or our website at or you can also visit
us in person. Our sales/equity dealer will guide you through the process accordingly.

2. What types of services does Ismail Iqbal Securities Private Limited Equity desk provide?

We provide a complete package including first hand market information, high quality research and fast execution and settlement of transactions.

3. Why choose Ismail Iqbal Securities Private Limited?

Ismail Iqbal Securities Private Limited is amongst leading brokerage houses in the industry. It has been in the market for over 13 years and has created goodwill for itself.

4. Who is your typical client?

Any individual/corporate willing to take exposure in the capital markets and looking forward to firsthand knowledge of Pakistan Stock Exchange.

5. Is there a minimum amount I need to invest to open an account?

Minimum requirement to open a equity trading account is PKR 100,000/=.

6. How can I purchase/sell investments?

Once you open an account and entitlement is obtained, orders may also be placed over the telephone with the equity trader assigned for your service or online via Vtrade.

7. When does an investment purchase need to be paid for?

Orders will not be processed until your account has the necessary funds available to cover the order. If you have signed a 3 times margin agreement, you may utilize margin financing for any shortfall in available funds to affect the purchase.

8. After an investment sale, in how much time will I have access to the proceeds?

Settlement policy in equity transactions is Trade Date plus 2 business days.

9. What is the procedure to cancel pending orders during system failure?

In case of IBTS System Failure due to any Reason, investors can always use our Call Center services to place, cancel, or inquire about their pending orders. Our Trade Officers can perform this on your behalf after your instructions.

10. How do you notify clients about their order executions?

Customers may view their order status directly by logging on to their online trading accounts or other way, order confirmation email and SMS containing details about their executed transactions, are processed at the day end.

11. What is a Margin Call Alert?

Margin call alerts can be simply explained as a message sent to the client when his session holdings or exposure exceeds his actual cash (Not Trading Limit) by a margin of 30%.
This generally happens when a client using a margin account, utilizes almost his entire trading limit and the value of the scrips held are declining in price per share. As the price declines, it reflects negatively on the actual cash holding (Not Trading Limit). Scrips are organized in nature by classes under margin values (Class A to E that varies from 20% Margin to 100% No Margin). These can be found under 'Portfolio' in the client account.
When the price of a share falls, according to the percentage amount of margin associated to it, deductions are made from the actual cash limit. When the actual cash is reduced by 30%, margin call alerts are sent to clients to either sell off their exposure or a portion of the exposure in order to square off their position.

12. How are my orders processed and settled via internet?

Your orders placed through the internet (via TradeCast, Mobile Applications or Call Centre) are received at our server and immediately sent to the PSX via Fix Protocol for further processing.
If accepted, the order is queued for execution and upon successfully matching the rates of corresponding buyer/seller (as the case may be), it gets executed.
Although transaction is done on real time basis but the delivery of the securities is received in your CDC Sub Account on the 2nd working day after the transaction has been executed (in case of buying) and vise versa in selling.

13. What are the risks of securities trading?

All the risks related to the securities trading have been appended in the Brokerage Account Agreement of Ismail Iqbal Securities Private LImited Account Opening Form, which can be accessed by clicking on its hyperlink.

14. How do I place/cancel my orders when I am unable to login into the software?

In case, you are unable to place/cancel your orders via internet, you may still place your orders via our Call Centre.

15. Where do I find the relevant rules and regulations governing securities trading, information regarding rights and obligations of the Investors, relevant legal provisions for Investor Protection, complaint handling and arbitration procedures, etc?

We have the PSX Rule Book in the Download Section of our website, which contains all the relevant information. However, if you require any specific details, you may call us at our Call Centre or email us at for further assistance.


IISPL offers diversified research products to the Capital Market professionals and domestic / international Fund Managers. Our Research team consists of clued-up professionals who possess a sound understanding of the capital market dynamics. While gauging the major geopolitical , macroeconomic and industry trends, research analysts at IISPL provide an in-depth and timely investment coverage on the said features and assess their overall impact on short, investment portfolios and to help Foreign, Institutional as well as Retail clients to set their strategic direction. IISPL achieves research excellence through the quality of its staff, the breadth and depth of its resources. IISPL research coverage spans across all sectors with strong emphasis on the following key sectors: Banking & Financial Service, Energy and Power Generation, Oil exploration and Marketing, Cement and Fertilizer. The research team holds expertise in analyzing the hidden scripts (mid caps and small caps) which have a great potential to become a good investment deal in future in order to meet the investment needs of the retail and institutional clientele.
Our stock research focuses firstly on the qualitative assessment of a company’s competitive edge, the skill of its management and the circumstances of the industry in which its’ operates. The Principal goal is to gain and understanding of the long term business model of a company, and the source of its competitive advantage. We aim to broaden our overall perspective and deepen our industry and business knowledge.
Economics Research serves institutional and individual investors clients using a wide range of macroeconomic disciplines. We offer in-depth analysis of critical issues, providing clients with investment ideas, market forecasts, macro overviews, and specific sector recommendations across asset classes, sectors, and disciplines.

Management and Private Equity

IISPL is committed to making quality investments with a view to building value in a variety of areas. These areas include investment for both short term as well as long term strategic investing & financing.
Ismail Iqbal Securities possesses a core team of experienced professionals and team of Investment Advisors / Managers who work on a wide range of investment strategies. Strategies range from simple averaging to complex averaging, fundamental analysis and other quantitative techniques. Portfolios are built applying various strategies such as picking value stocks, growth stocks, income stocks, dividend yielding stocks, hedging, CFS financing, fixed income deposit placement and investing in debt instruments. Portfolios are actively monitored to ensure sector-wise and script-wise exposures to maintain within limit with the investment polices, guidelines and asset allocations set forth, macro economic indicators and fundamental analysis carried out for providing prime foundation for heavy exposures. Active trading portfolios are also constructed so as to benefit from short-term, price fluctuations. Traders are closely monitored by senior investment professionals.

Commodity Market

With the development of National Commodities Exchange Limited, Ismail Iqbal also expends their arm to cover commodity market. Ismail Iqbal Commodities (Pvt.) Ltd. is the member of NCEL. To cover commodity research Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt.) Ltd. is gearing up for research.

Future Aspiration

With the development of BATS (Bond Automatic Trading System) IISPL plans to develop Debt Instrument Trading Desk with Money Market Operation.
For its institutional clients IISPL plans to introduce trading tools in the market that would greatly enhance the trading experience of our corporate clients. These include “Program trading Tools” that provides information regarding basket trading, volume weighted average price trades and pairs trading. IISPL expects that the introduction of these tools would change the way institutions currently trade equities and help them in obtaining better executions for their trades.